Bookshelf Office hours with Enric Rovira pic Outreach talk picture when I grow up I want to be a dinosaur catcher a colossal kiss. On the set of Blokstar 2058 Chillin' in an igloo. Chillin' in an igloo.
My third of the Bots that Mimic Bugs talk during Harvard University's weekly lecture series Science in the News. You can learn a lot about a man by who he reads and where he obtains his readings. Here's a look at me. Proposal to give a 3-minute TED-talk at
the upcoming TEDxEast event.
Tempering chocolate with Enric Rovira
on a lab bench cooled to 15oC.
Outreaching about bio-inspired robotics
to a group of visiting middle schoolers.
The dreams of a six-year-old hanging at Red Horse Cafe. "A colossal kiss" as submitted to the
Baci "Kiss Me!" Photo Contest.
Wunderkrafthaus submission for
2007 NYC 48 Hour Film Festival.
On the set of Blokstar 2058 for the
2007 Visa "Life Takes" Invitational.
There is nothing like the Maine woods. We managed to build a 3-person igloo on
a rooftop in NYC, and then we chilled in it.